[Homeroast] Outlet lost power...

denis bordeleau bomerlo at yahoo.ca
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Hi Brian   In the following 24 hours of  your emergency problem for a no electrical whiz, mystified nerd, you got 7 opinions : a bad tripped breaker, a common area circuit, a wet circuit breaker, etc... from  no less than Frank, Jeffrey Kelly, Peter Louton, Archeobob, Paul Goetz, Peter Walsh and my self  Denis Bordeleau.  I am still expecting the final diagnostic.  We all do that for free and to help each other.  The back feed follow up is our reward..  If this is a Gmail problem, let me know; if it is not it can be why people are reluctant to post in a fast response mood.        Please, let us know, the sooner the better..        Thank you.       Denis                 P.S. I want to know what happened and what was the problem.  Did you stop roasting or drinking coffee?

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Objet : [Homeroast] Outlet lost power...

I moved to a condo (built in 1999) a few weeks ago. My new place has a
concrete patio out back with an outlet very near by. I roasted on the
patio two weeks ago and the outlet worked fine. Today I was going to
roast out there again, but there was no electricity to either plug-in
in the outlet by the patio. I checked the breakers and all
well. I tried all three switches (one for the outside light, one for
the inside overhead light, and one for a plug-in on an inside outlet)
I could find inside the patio door, and that didn't help.

I'm no electrical whiz (that's an understatement), but I'm mystified.
It seems like a breaker should be thrown if something shorted the
outlet. Otherwise (again, I'm not whiz) it seems like it should work.

I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have as to what might be wrong,
and how I could check to see if that's it.



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