[Homeroast] Espresso machine Restorations! Fiorenzato Fenice 2G e61!

Dennis Parham dparham_is at mac.com
Wed Aug 22 11:24:04 CDT 2012

Well just started a full restoration on a Fiorenzato Fenice Elletronica 2G espresso machine. A local restaurant liquidation center had an add for this on ebay and I guess because there is basically NO info on this machine here in english or anyplace hardly, no one bid on it.. I picked it up for $400 locally! with its 2 e61 style groups I figured for this money If it was totally destroyed I could get money back out for the groups alone! but come to find out after initial testing IT WORKED! and didnt leak but had some definite problems... ( bad rotary pump, pressurestat, OPV,Boiler Safety Vale just to mention a few! ... Fortunately this is one of those very sweet SIMPLE machines old school with ALL top quality commercial parts! Im happy! lol so.. on inspection I decided to make a full restoration since this machine was totally TOTALLY neglected! this says something for the machine though because with such abuse, it still worked! and didnt leak! had enough scale to seal it up nicely! lol so here it goes!

Im now polishing al the Stainless Steel and the  tank turned out SO nice I may leave the bottom center part out and put lexan or some high heat clear back to showcase it!


Dennis Parham

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