[Homeroast] Anyone Home?

John and Emma jehorchik at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 12:31:29 CDT 2012

Well, it seems you and Brian were right. Since August 11 for some reason
most of my list emails have been going to spam. I fixed the filter in gmail
and will see if this changes things. For others on the list, this has never
occurred before where my Homeroast list emails ended up in the spam filter.
If you ever run into problems I encourage you to look there even if you
haven't changed any settings. I didn't change any settings and it happened
to me.

John H. 

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I'm using gmail for this list also.  I do think I have seen some
messages from this list in the spam folder.  You can easily create a
filter in gmail that tells gmail "never send it to spam" for messages
that come to the list address.

I've also notcied from several other mailing lists that I am on that
they are much slower and people seem to be using facebook or google+ a
lot more these days.


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