[Homeroast] Outlet lost power...

denis bordeleau bomerlo at yahoo.ca
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Hi Brian        You describe the faulty outlet as being very near by your concrete patio.    May be this outlet belongs to the common area and is used by the condominium managers employees for maintenance or any other of their needs.  Thus the breaker will not be in your condo.  Check if everybody has an outdoor outlet on their balcony on the upper floors or ground floor. Take a lamp and walk the dog around the building innocently whistling a well known melody and see if there are  other outlets surrounding it and make the plug the lamp test.    You can be the sole culprit of this huge blackout.                  I wish you good luck.        Be sure you roast with a 15 amperes dedicated 110-120 volt circuit to avoid any trouble.   May be they saw you and decided to put the breaker off as they sometimes do in winter time in some part of the planet where and when human people plug their cars.      Have a
 good night.     Denis


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Objet : [Homeroast] Outlet lost power...

I moved to a condo (built in 1999) a few weeks ago. My new place has a
concrete patio out back with an outlet very near by. I roasted on the
patio two weeks ago and the outlet worked fine. Today I was going to
roast out there again, but there was no electricity to either plug-in
in the outlet by the patio. I checked the breakers and all seemed
well. I tried all three switches (one for the outside light, one for
the inside overhead light, and one for a plug-in on an inside outlet)
I could find inside the patio door, and that didn't help.

I'm no electrical whiz (that's an understatement), but I'm mystified.
It seems like a breaker should be thrown if something shorted the
outlet. Otherwise (again, I'm not whiz) it seems like it should work.

I'd appreciate any ideas anyone might have as to what might be wrong,
and how I could check to see if that's it.



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