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Hi Jamie      I just visited the Sweet Maria's green beans offerings site (Blends section) plus The Blended Coffee Archives of the no more available blends like Moka Kadir.  The link is at the bottom of the current Green Coffee  Offerings: Blends and it is very visible in red color.  Because of their nature  these products are hard to find by using the geographical origin chart system. There, you will find  why there is a shortage of  Moka Kadir Blend i.e. due to current non availability of Yemeni and Ethiopian beans that are part of the secret mixture.  It has not been replaced by a generic Espresso Blend of the House of the kind  that may suffer an evolutive fabrication discipline about what is in and how much and it is finally thanks to this politic of the good and the right straight cupping that we got the Espresso Workshop whom we currently have  #24 and #25 on offerings.    The new #24 El Competidor is strongly suggested. 
 I got some 2 weeks ago in the 8 pounds espresso sampler received from Sweet Maria's but still have to roast some.    This is the proof that each of  their blend has their own typical recipe and when one of the main ingredients is missing they become b/o or rather non available for a short or long while.    I roasted my last 150 grams or 5 ounces of Moka Kadir about 6 months ago and it did not fade too much  after about 4 years of storage.   Nevertheless, I nostalgically read the review about the past but yet to rescucitate Moka Kadir and I was very glad of the 8 espresso-related 1 pound bags of the sampler ( 4 blends and 4 good for blending single origin beans)   included with the 5 other 2 pounder from Guatemala, South America, Africa and Indonesia that I chose myself to fill the USPS large flat rate international box.    Have a good day  .     
  Denis                                     P.S.: Better might be behind us but the all time best has hopefully yet to come....


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Objet : [Homeroast] Moka Kadir Blend
It looks like the Moka Kadir Blend is not being offered any longer,
from what I see on your
 site.  Last time I ordered it was a Christmas
and I've been out of it for a while now.  I've had very good luck with
that blend for espresso / cappuccino.  I roast in the Behmor and that
blend seemed to consistently turn out well for me.

What do you suggest as a replacement blend, used strictly for
espresso/cappuccino?  Will Moka Kadir Blend be offered again in the

Thank You,


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