[Homeroast] My obsession history….

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 09:33:29 CDT 2012

My obsession has its limits - but only because my income has limits that
prevent me from buying everything in sight.

I started with a stove-top popper I got at a yard sale for a whole dollar
(never was used). I wore that out w/in a couple of months. Progressed to
roasting stove top. Was gifted (by a very generous, kind soul here on SM) a
roasting machine, which I could not figure out how to adjust according to
my tastes. Seriously, I almost had a nervous breakdown because something so
simple was beyond my capabilities! I now know it's because of a limitation
that the brain problem due to my fibro - my doctor told me there is a lot
of similarities btwn brain damage patients and some of the memory &
cognitive problems that fibro patient have. No matter - I gifted it on to a
friend who is now roasting (played it forward), and went back to what I
could handle.

After I moved to my current apt., I realized the World's Worst stove (now
w/only two, small working burners) could not roast coffee that was
deserving of SM's. Fowlgers, maybe, but not SM's.

So I'm now happily using a popcorn popper. Works for me. I don't want to -
no, I can't do any adjustments as many do to improve the popper. I watch
closely & only seldom get a batch that is over roasted.

Sure beats everything that is on the market... I cannot buy coffee out, nor
do I try to drink a cup if I'm at any function. Not worth the pain!



On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 2:50 PM, Rayburn Robert <rayburn_b at mac.com> wrote:

> I've been roasting coffee for a few years now...I roasted my first batch
> in our kitchen oven, very bad idea.  I bought a hot air popper next, then
> went through 2 Fresh Roast machines.  Christmas of 2011 I bought a Behmor
> and the obsession definitely kicked in.  I roast a least 2 lbs per week,
> sometimes more.  I like P3 with 1/2 lb.  I've roasted approx. 50 lbs since
> I purchased the Behmor.  Out of the 50 lbs, there were approx. 50
> varieties...all but 2 from Sweet Marias.
> I thought it might be interesting to see how obsessed the rest of you are.
>  If you don't mind sharing, please post information similar to what I have
> just posted.
> Bob

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