[Homeroast] My obsession history….

Rayburn Robert rayburn_b at mac.com
Sat Aug 11 13:50:22 CDT 2012

I've been roasting coffee for a few years now...I roasted my first batch in our kitchen oven, very bad idea.  I bought a hot air popper next, then went through 2 Fresh Roast machines.  Christmas of 2011 I bought a Behmor and the obsession definitely kicked in.  I roast a least 2 lbs per week, sometimes more.  I like P3 with 1/2 lb.  I've roasted approx. 50 lbs since I purchased the Behmor.  Out of the 50 lbs, there were approx. 50 varieties...all but 2 from Sweet Marias.

I thought it might be interesting to see how obsessed the rest of you are.  If you don't mind sharing, please post information similar to what I have just posted.


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