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John Monteleone johnmonteleone at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 17:39:35 CDT 2012

I typically pre-heat for 90 seconds at P1.  Then I roast at P4, and
sometimes open the door a crack after 1st crack.  I roast 1/2 pound of
beans but I set the machine for 1 pound.  The gives me plenty of time.  I
usually get 45 seconds or more after the end of first crack before second
crack.  I try to cool before second crack.

On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 8:57 AM, Martin Maney <maney at two14.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 09, 2012 at 03:24:03PM -0400, BSGarley wrote:
> > P3 and 12oz of beans does everything I need done.
> A little context: I got the Behmor after the Nesco gave up the ghost
> last fall.  I had to ponder it some, as I have found the 4 oz roast
> batches from the Nesco suited my rate of consumption and love of
> variety (I blame SM samplers, mostly <grin>) nicely.  As it turns out,
> I've been pretty happy roasting mostly 8 oz batches and having more
> that I can spare for friends.
> So first roast was a straight P1 with 8 oz., didn't like the velocity
> with which it zoomed out of first crack and into second.  Tried P2,
> liked the timing better, but the all too effective suppression of the
> audible cues led to the same result, a roast that intended to be FC
> that slid into second crack.  Third roast was P3, and that one came out
> a lot better, as did subsequent roasts.  I'd been doing a preheat
> (without drum or, IIRC, chaff tray), and at some point that turned into
> 2:00 of P1 with everything in and then P3, and that was even better.
> Recently there's been a lot of talk in the SM forum about tweaking P2,
> and that got me interested enough to try it again.  Dunno if it was
> luck, accumulated experience, or what, but this time around it was
> dropping near the start of first so it got to slow things down without
> killing the sounds of crack.  Good results, but then I loaded a bean
> (Yemen?) that took a good deal longer to get to those first pops... ah,
> the timing problem returns.  Somehow this led to that same overunning
> into second crack problem, and while this is probably fixable, the cost
> is doing a straight P1 with every lot to find out what its timing is
> (or risk that it's close enough to chance).  I was back to my original
> dissatifaction with P2: it needs some way to accept user input about
> how the roast is progressing rather than the damned fixed timing for
> the power drop.  (true of other profiles, but most acute with P2
> because it's not just a ramp & plataeu)
> So for several roasts now I've joined the brigade of door openers.  For
> the experiment so far I've been using a simple 1P1, not trusting that
> there will be enough time in a ½P1 with the added ventilation.  So
> there's about a minute open as it's coming up on yellow because the
> exhaust fan starts later on the 1 lb program, and then around 1½
> minutes from the start of first crack.  Timing is still subject to
> ad-hoc changes, but I have turned a scrap of wood into a prop (1¼"
> wide) to provide a fixed opening and so that I can remove my hand and
> my attention from holding it open and pay more attention to what's
> happening in the roaster... and making notes of all that.
> So far I'm liking the results of the door-fidgeting very much, although
> a fair bit of smoke does escape at first crack, and that may call for
> some countermeasures if I keep doing this.  a nice side effect is that
> I can really hear those pops, even for a bean that's much quieter than
> most such as that Sumatra PB I roasted a couple days ago.  :-/
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