[Homeroast] Behmor Profiles

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Fri Aug 10 10:57:57 CDT 2012

On Thu, Aug 09, 2012 at 03:24:03PM -0400, BSGarley wrote:
> P3 and 12oz of beans does everything I need done. 

A little context: I got the Behmor after the Nesco gave up the ghost
last fall.  I had to ponder it some, as I have found the 4 oz roast
batches from the Nesco suited my rate of consumption and love of
variety (I blame SM samplers, mostly <grin>) nicely.  As it turns out,
I've been pretty happy roasting mostly 8 oz batches and having more
that I can spare for friends.

So first roast was a straight P1 with 8 oz., didn't like the velocity
with which it zoomed out of first crack and into second.  Tried P2,
liked the timing better, but the all too effective suppression of the
audible cues led to the same result, a roast that intended to be FC
that slid into second crack.  Third roast was P3, and that one came out
a lot better, as did subsequent roasts.  I'd been doing a preheat
(without drum or, IIRC, chaff tray), and at some point that turned into
2:00 of P1 with everything in and then P3, and that was even better.

Recently there's been a lot of talk in the SM forum about tweaking P2,
and that got me interested enough to try it again.  Dunno if it was
luck, accumulated experience, or what, but this time around it was
dropping near the start of first so it got to slow things down without
killing the sounds of crack.  Good results, but then I loaded a bean
(Yemen?) that took a good deal longer to get to those first pops... ah,
the timing problem returns.  Somehow this led to that same overunning
into second crack problem, and while this is probably fixable, the cost
is doing a straight P1 with every lot to find out what its timing is
(or risk that it's close enough to chance).  I was back to my original
dissatifaction with P2: it needs some way to accept user input about
how the roast is progressing rather than the damned fixed timing for
the power drop.  (true of other profiles, but most acute with P2
because it's not just a ramp & plataeu)

So for several roasts now I've joined the brigade of door openers.  For
the experiment so far I've been using a simple 1P1, not trusting that
there will be enough time in a ½P1 with the added ventilation.  So
there's about a minute open as it's coming up on yellow because the
exhaust fan starts later on the 1 lb program, and then around 1½
minutes from the start of first crack.  Timing is still subject to
ad-hoc changes, but I have turned a scrap of wood into a prop (1¼"
wide) to provide a fixed opening and so that I can remove my hand and
my attention from holding it open and pay more attention to what's
happening in the roaster... and making notes of all that.

So far I'm liking the results of the door-fidgeting very much, although
a fair bit of smoke does escape at first crack, and that may call for
some countermeasures if I keep doing this.  a nice side effect is that
I can really hear those pops, even for a bean that's much quieter than
most such as that Sumatra PB I roasted a couple days ago.  :-/

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