[Homeroast] This mornings cup

John and Emma jehorchik at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 10:46:31 CDT 2012

In the past I have said my wife and I have not overly enjoyed the
Guatemalan's we have tried.

We are really enjoying Guatemala Acatenenango - Finca La Soledad. This is
one of our top beans now. Started drinking after 18 hours of rest and right
from the first cup it has been a winner. On day 3 of rest now and noticing
nice changes.

I ordered this coffee based on Tom's review. Fortunately I am not resistant
to try a coffee from a region even though I have not been fond of coffees
from there in the past. To me home roasting is like my own little scientific

What have you recently roasted that surprised you? And how?

John H. 

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