[Homeroast] Green Coffee recommendations

Andrew Fresh andrew at afresh1.com
Wed Aug 1 10:03:23 CDT 2012

I'm in need of some coffee and short on enough time to pick it out so
decided to see what suggestions I can get before I place my order with

I am planning to get around 20 lbs of green coffee (preferably 5lb of
each) which will be roasted in my Behmor and most likely extracted with
my espresso machine although I have a Chemex if someone convinces me of
a coffee that needs it.

I don't have a fantastic palate but I can certainly tell fresh roasted
from old and burnt.  I prefer the New "Classic" Espresso blend to the
Espresso Monkey but the only coffee that has really made me go wow! so
far has been the Brazil Moreninha Formosa "Raisin" Coffee from a while

Thank you for your suggestions.

andrew - http://afresh1.com

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