[Homeroast] back from lurkdom

Dennis True dennist3 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 12:29:45 CDT 2012

hello all,
	first let me say I am sorry I have been so scarce as of late.  Real Life intervened and came crashing down so to speak and I just roasted my first roast in over 9 months.  Just to catch everyone up I retired from the Navy, found the economy here worse than reported, unable to find a job, I lost my house (the bank said "we can work with you no problem" and then kept stalling until the foreclosure and then "sorry nothing we can do" go fig huh?)  have had major bouts of depression, lived in a hotel for the last 7 months. Met my 19 year old daughter for the first time found out I'm a grandfather. All while trying to go to school and work on my BFA.  and finally after a couple hundred rental applications finally found a place to stay... so the roaster has been in storage and roasting has been pretty low on my list of things.  
	So with a place still filled with boxes of what I was able to grab on the way out the door from the house I set up the RK drum and let loose with a roast from the most generous people around (a very wonderful list member had send me a box of greens right around the time i was hospitalized and i never had even opened the box until yesterday)  well the roast was seriously uneven and I had to pull out the char next to the city to get it right but hey it might take a few roasts to get back in the swing of things but I'll get there but for the first time today I got to taste a cup of Homeroast since last Apr or May....   

Needless to say life post Navy has been tough as hell but a good cup of joe might help it seem just a little better. 


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