[Homeroast] Hottop 8828-B

Jim Wilkins jim.wilkins at insightbb.com
Tue Apr 24 13:11:37 CDT 2012

Digital control panel on my roaster out of whack. The switch to toggle
between functions (temp, time, fan) no longer works. Is this a common
problem (with a common solution) for owners of a 8828-B?  I'm  looking for
ideas to fix the unit. I contacted Hopttop and the only option offered is to
buy a new control panel for $120 plus shipping. I purchased the roaster from
Sweet Marias and it has been a workhorse. I roast with a Behmor and Hottop,
and consistently produce the roasts I need on both. Do I pay the $120 to
Hottop or use the money toward my next Behmor?


Jim Wilkins

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