[Homeroast] broken behmor question

Ira ira at extrasensory.com
Mon Apr 23 12:14:12 CDT 2012

At 12:13 PM 4/20/2012, you wrote:
>My question is: is there any way to hack the Behmor to keep the heating
>element on all the time no matter what? I recognize that my history with the
>machine makes this sound like a terrible idea but I promise to stay by it
>and be careful. I have only basic mechanical skills but I'm intrepid and
>don't have much to lose by pulling the thing apart. If not, I think I'll
>just have to throw the thing out, which is sad because everything still sort
>of works.

You can add a switch to bypass the relay that controls the elements. 
That's 117 so be careful or you can find the sensor on the 
electronics side by the 3 screws in the right rear corner and pull it 
free so it stops trying to regulate the temperature.

You should also try oven cleaner and/or rubbing compound, especially 
by the 3 screws in the right rear corner.

And if you decide to give up and toss it, I'll be happy to take it 
off your hands. I've been looking for one to tear the electronics out 
of and convert to manual for a while.


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