[Homeroast] Off topic but I thought I would share today's usefuldiscovery

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Using Coke cans instead of the normal piece of cardboard, just 
more proof that home roasters are smarter than the regular bunch 
out there.


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Subject: [Homeroast] Off topic but I thought I would share 
today's usefuldiscovery

I am a frequent user of epoxy glue.  In general I just look 
around for something to mix it in or on.  This evening I was 
putting a layer of epoxy on my tractor's somewhat rusty steering 
wheel shaft where the oil seal holds in the pressurized power 
steering oil.  As I did my repeated search for something to mix 
a small batch of epoxy in, I saw this empty coke can with a very 
nicely depressed bottom.  This turned out to be the neatest and 
handiest tool for mixing, holding, and moving to where I wanted 
to use the epoxy glue that I have  ever used. I didn't even get 
any on my hand that I used to hold the epoxy while I applied it.

Just in case anyone wants to take on the use of coke cans, my 
wife is the one who drinks cokes and I am not inclined to 
criticize her for it because of her work accomplishment, and a 
few other reasons. A little over twenty years ago when she took 
the job as director of the Alabama Coalition Against Domestic 
Violence I was able to pull three years of Alabama's domestic 
violence cases from the death certificate files I used for 
research.  The average number of Alabama domestic violence 
deaths I found then was 197.67.  I have repeated the process 
regularly as new data become available.  For the last three 
years that data that I looked at, the average was 18.  During 
these two decades Alabama's non-domestic violence homicides have 
continued to bounce around at about the same rate as it was 
twenty to thirty years ago.

Again I apologize for going off topic, I guess I could add that 
I almost always get up earlier than my wife does and I get the 
espresso machine heated up and I am able to make and drink mine 
before I take her a capachino  with her morning coke.

   pecan jim
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