[Homeroast] Green storage project- 2007 IMV

sci scizen at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:12:52 CDT 2012

This is very much a YMMV post. But I want to report what I'm discovering.
Green coffee storage is a topic of some interest to this august group, and
Sweet Maria's recently posted a 30min video about it that is very
I have been storing green coffee for up to four years and I have had good
results. I vacuum seal the bags and put them in a non-defrosting (this is
key because the beans never defrost) freezer at sub-zero temperatures.
I dug a two pound bag of 2007 Idido Misty Valley out of my storage last
week and roasted 1/2 pound in my Quest M3. After a four day rest, the
signature intoxicating blueberry/strawberry syrup flavors still exploded.
There were no "off" flavor notes, no "freezer" flavors. When I cut the bag
it hissed as the air rushed in, so it had a tight seal.  I do feel that the
edge of the flavor is blunted a bit now, and that four years is the upper
limit before the flavors really drop off. Nevertheless, it really was a joy
to have a cup of that legendary coffee even if it is a little muted in the
flavors (like driving an old classic car). It takes longer to get up to 1C
and longer for the roast to peak in rest stage. So, it seems that this
storage method slows things down.
Next up in this project is a 2lb bag of the 2008 Koratie DP, a coffee I
loved even more than IMV.

Happy roasting!

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