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Thu Apr 12 22:38:29 CDT 2012

Yeah - its those really fresh Harar coffees we used to see that give 
the Blueberry notes but since the Harar Auction was closed down, it 
seems the lots sit too long and lose that character. Its too bad, but 
I think next year will have some developments for those Eastern 
Ethiopia coffees.


>>   On a side note, I am pleased to report that last week I roasted some of the
>>   current Sumatra Tom is offering (the beans look kind of worked), and 2 days
>>   after the roast, it smelled and tasted of blueberries (super sweet and
>>   fruity).  I've never experienced this before with Indonesian coffees, just
>>   African.  It was a great surprise!
>>   G
>Which Sumatra was that? There are three currently listed but none 
>describe any blueberry aroma.
>My very first order from Tom years ago was a Harrar Horse. I got 
>lucky (since I didn't know what I was doing back then.Still don't 
>for that matter) and nailed the roast. The most intense blueberry 
>aroma I've ever smelled from a coffee bean.
>Frank Parth
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