[Homeroast] Sumatra beans

Frank Parth fparth at mac.com
Thu Apr 12 22:11:25 CDT 2012

>  Frank:
>  It was the Sumatro Gayo Mandheling, described as "deep brooding, bass-note
>  profile, low acidity, tamarind and raisin notes, undertone of dark
>  chocolate, moderate brightness, earthy hints."  With this description, it
>  should be exactly what my wife prefers to drink.  I was really surprised by
>  the fruitiness.
>  ...
>  I hope I can hit these flavors again on the roast I do this weekend.
>  Greg

Thanks, Greg.
It doesn't look like it's available anymore. It's not shown on the SweetMaria's site.

I guess I'll just be patient a little longer. I'm down to about 25 pounds of green beans in my stash, so I'll just 
waituntil something really interesting comes along.


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