[Homeroast] Behmor Fire

Colin Wen colinwen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 16:53:10 CDT 2012

mn...I did not know the manufacturer against roast with Behmor outdoor.

Good to learn.
But I def will roast in garage or shade, the smoke will activate the
fire alarm for sure.


On 12 April 2012 04:41, Bill Zambon <wzambon at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sandra wrote:
> *The manufacturer warns against using the Behmor outdoors.*
> +++++
> Sandra-
> I know. I know. Sadly I know... that the manufacturer warns against using
> the Behmor outdoors.
> But I take many of my roasts into second crack when the smoke can overwhelm
> the smoke mitigation capacity of the Behmor.
> Not something I'd like to do indoors!
> However, though I roast outdoors, I always roast in a sheltered area with a
> roof- away from rain or snow (if I have one criticism of the Behmor, it is
> that it may not be properly grounded; when I first began roasting with it,
> I did receive some tingling shocks from it if I picked it up in an area
> with any moisture on the unit.. while still plugged in). Since that time,
> I've made sure to roast in the aforementioned sheltered area. Further, I
> don't roast if it is raining or snowing.... and I ALWAYS unplug the unit
> immediately following the cooling cycle... BEFORE I try to pick it up and
> move it. With those precautions, I've not noticed any further problems.
> One oddity that I've noticed that I cannot explain, but seems to repeat
> itself.....
> Roasting times seem longer during warm weather than during cold weather. It
> might simply be my imagination, but I doubt it. I find myself hitting the
> cool cycle sooner during the winter than during the summer. It might be the
> case that the thermostat controlling the heat cycle is tricked into
> overdrive by cold weather.... I don't know.
> But I rarely use the timed cycles anyway, except as a general guide. I hit
> the cool cycle when the beans are cracking like I want.. and when the smoke
> seems the right consistency and smells right..... something that comes with
> roasting experience, I guess... hard to explain.
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