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John Nanci john at chocolatealchemy.com
Thu Apr 12 13:24:27 CDT 2012

Say his name an he appears :)

Your observation is 100% correct.  The roasts do generally take 
longer in hot weather.  The reason is because in cool whether, cool 
air is drawn into the side panel area where the thermistor is 
located, so is 'cooled'.  This makes the system think that the roast 
chamber is cooler, so it keeps the elements on more.  Conversely, in 
hot whether, heat is not dissipated as fast from the thermistor, so 
they system interprets this as the chamber being hotter, so it cycles 
it more to keep it 'in spec'.


I will also note that the newer models with the additional cooling 
fan on the side panel are much less prone to this as they are keeping 
the air in the side chamber exchanged more, so you see less variances 
with weather.

Alchemist John

At 11:11 AM 4/12/2012, you wrote:
>On April 11,2012 at  2:41 PM, Bill wrote:
> >One oddity that I've noticed that I cannot explain, but seems to  repeat
> >itself.....
> >
> >Roasting times seem longer during warm weather than during cold  weather.
> >might simply be my imagination, but I doubt it. I find myself  hitting the
> >cool cycle sooner during the winter than during the summer.  It might be
> >case that the thermostat controlling the heat cycle is  tricked into
> >overdrive by cold weather.... I don't know.
>Being of the engineering persuasion, and C/O (and maybe A/R), I've always
>kept extensive notes on every roast I've ever done including the six
>hundred or so using my Behmor.  I always record the 
>ambient  temperature and have
>noticed the shorter times to first  crack when the temperature is lower.  In
>fact, I always estimate the  expected time to first crack based on previous
>roasts and the current  temperature.
>I'm guessing that this is due to the longer on time of the heating elements
>  to satisfy the thermostat at colder temperatures.  Since much of the heat
>energy transferred to the beans is radiant, this shortens the time to first
>  crack (and total roast time) for the same beans and roast profile.
>Maybe someone with technical expertise in the Behmor (Alchemist?)  would
>weigh in on this phenomena.
>Speaking of the Behmor,  does anyone else find they need to  frequently
>repair or replace the afterburner?
>I've had to fix mine five times so far, with the nichrome wire opening up
>right at the lug.
>Still like the roaster though, and the roasts it produces.  Almost  never
>use my IR1 anymore.
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