[Homeroast] Behmor Fire

Bill Zambon wzambon at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 13:41:27 CDT 2012

Sandra wrote:

*The manufacturer warns against using the Behmor outdoors.*


I know. I know. Sadly I know... that the manufacturer warns against using
the Behmor outdoors.

But I take many of my roasts into second crack when the smoke can overwhelm
the smoke mitigation capacity of the Behmor.

Not something I'd like to do indoors!

However, though I roast outdoors, I always roast in a sheltered area with a
roof- away from rain or snow (if I have one criticism of the Behmor, it is
that it may not be properly grounded; when I first began roasting with it,
I did receive some tingling shocks from it if I picked it up in an area
with any moisture on the unit.. while still plugged in). Since that time,
I've made sure to roast in the aforementioned sheltered area. Further, I
don't roast if it is raining or snowing.... and I ALWAYS unplug the unit
immediately following the cooling cycle... BEFORE I try to pick it up and
move it. With those precautions, I've not noticed any further problems.

One oddity that I've noticed that I cannot explain, but seems to repeat

Roasting times seem longer during warm weather than during cold weather. It
might simply be my imagination, but I doubt it. I find myself hitting the
cool cycle sooner during the winter than during the summer. It might be the
case that the thermostat controlling the heat cycle is tricked into
overdrive by cold weather.... I don't know.

But I rarely use the timed cycles anyway, except as a general guide. I hit
the cool cycle when the beans are cracking like I want.. and when the smoke
seems the right consistency and smells right..... something that comes with
roasting experience, I guess... hard to explain.
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