[Homeroast] Behmor Fire

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee tom at sweetmarias.com
Tue Apr 10 13:46:39 CDT 2012

Oh - such a painful picture to look at - we had one here when I was 
distracted, and we just picked it up and ran outside, dumped the 
coffee in the gutter and that was that. Not fun. And as others say, 
the cleanup is not fun either! It took a few roasts to get rid of the 
pungent smoke smell. But it worked...


>Jeremy, WELCOME to the 3rd Crack Club!
>  Now the fun part, cleaning that puppy up!  After my "event" somebody on the
>list recommended Dawn Power Dissolver. I found it worked better than Simple
>Green, 409, or even Easy Off Oven Cleaner (not recommended). The Dawn was
>kinda hard to find but ultimately found it at Wally World.  Contact Behmor
>Tech support for the tests they use to make sure your machine is not
>Dexter, Oregon
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