[Homeroast] behmor fire

j3r j at j3r.org
Mon Apr 9 13:09:53 CDT 2012


So I was slicing mushrooms nearby and my friend says "hmm, there is lots 
of smoke coming from the roaster". I run over and sure enough it is 
billowing smoke. Turn it on cooling cycle, but that is not helping - I 
can see flames inside. Open the door and of course that makes it into a 
raging inferno. Scramble to find fire extinguisher (ironically it is 
behind 4 cans of butane - hmmm). Extinguish fire and toss basket outside 
where it proceeds to fill my backyard with amazingly thick smoke (do 
they use coffee beans inside smoke grenades?). Extinguish that with some 

That night I swept it out, cleaned it with simply green and what do you 
know, it still works :)

Just thought I would throw it out there that this thing is really 
dangerous if you don't follow their info and don't keep a close eye on 
it. I was roasting 1lb of Sidamo (I mourn its death) on P1 with an extra 
minute tacked on.


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