[Homeroast] Espresso vs. Brew

Martin Maney maney at two14.net
Fri Apr 6 11:19:26 CDT 2012

On Thu, Apr 05, 2012 at 07:10:21PM +0000, Frank wrote:
> To me the AP makes a better tasting cup slightly. But still the ccd
> makes pretty good cup itself and I can make about 400 grms of drink
> with it.  About grms 300 with the AP.

With the superb Bodum filters (1), folded snugly at the edge of the
crimps, the paper filter fits the CCD perfectly and I can add 400g of
hot water to a double dose of grounds.  With very bloomy coffees - and
for this it seems to be as much about the bean & roast, not just
freshness (I'm looking at you, Moka Kadir) - it's a tight fit, with
others 430g or even more fits okay.  This is 40g of grounds, and I make
up the balance of the 640g total water as a partial bypass (so
nominally that's 240g in the carafe before I put the CCD on to drain). 
The drained grounds generally retain about twice their dry weight in
water, so this should be about 560g of delicious coffee.

When brewing this way, I grind one step finer on the Maestro than the
setting that's optimum for my usual "single cup", and stir twice as in
one of Tom's earlier CCD recipes, rather than just swirling the top
gently, once, to stir the crust in.  All of which is to say that the
overdosed extraction seems to benefit from a little more encouragement
than the normal strength brew needs (or can stand - I like it best when
it's very near the edge of what tastes a little too bitter to me).

I'd guess that you could stretch this approach up to around 750ml
before half the water would be bypassing the grounds, which for some
reason I imagine to be as far as you'd want to go.  Must be something I
read, though I have no idea where.  :-)

(1) The Filtropa filters come up rather shorter, and would reduce the
maximum in-cone load.  OTOH, that extra headspace would probably
eliminate the occasional need to wipe some grounds off the lid!

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