[Homeroast] Espresso vs. Brew

John M. Howison johnmhowison at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 12:31:25 CDT 2012

Although I first learned from espresso bars on the Via Veneto that
coffee better than standard swill was possible,  for years I have been
satisfied with the coffee brewed in my kitchen.  My scheme of values
has prevented me from buying a home espresso maker -- which cost as
much as years' supply of beans.

In the years I have been a "lister" -- mostly as a lurker -- I have
noticed that listers who brew exchange views largely with others who
brew, and espress-ers (necessarily, I suppose) with espress-ers.  I
have sometimes wondered whether the silence of these latter means they
regard the exchanges among us "home-brewers" with some contempt.

Would any of you espress-ers try to persuade me to invest big bucks in
a machine?

Contra muros, mater rubicolla

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