[Homeroast] Time article on coffee cupping and Happy National Coffee Day!

sci scizen at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 18:12:28 CDT 2011

Happy National Coffee Day. I celebrated by making a Santos vacuum pot of the
Ethiopian DP Yirg. Grade 3. Great stuff.

Here's an interesting article about coffee cupping, but it seems to go
against some of the things I've learned. I mean can this really be true:

"Just by looking, he is able to identify not only the country a particular
bean comes from but also the region and even at what altitude the bean was

Read more:

I mean I can tell a Sumatran from an Ethiopian, but to tell a Guat. from a
CR, much less a Guat. Hue Hue from an Antigua?? But perhaps it just makes
for an interesting article.


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