[Homeroast] OT: 8 oz or 10 oz straight sidewall frothingpitchers?

miKe mcKoffee mckona at comcast.net
Sun Sep 25 02:50:30 CDT 2011

Bah. Wasting milk is wasting milk needlessly. Five years ago my first
(barely) successful attempt steaming 1oz milk in 3oz pitcher for a no waste
macchiato let alone a no waste cappuccino. See pictured documentation: 

Now I routinely use a standard steaming shaped 5oz pitcher from Orphan
Espresso for macchs. Granted I'm about the only one at Compass nuts enough
to do it. It's tricky as hell to play the steam just right to get half way
decent texture, not go over temp, and keep it in the pitcher BUT it can be
done with practice. And every barista we employ had best be able to steam a
no waste cappuccino in common 12oz steaming pitcher or they're out the door.

And don't say yeah but miKe's a professional. I developed the skills first
strictly as a home-barista. That no waste macch' was a year before I began
my professional coffee Journey.

Invest the milk (and/or water with dish soap) taking the time to learn, then
you don't have to waste milk anymore. It is that simple. Didn't say
necessarily easy, easier for some than others, but it is simply a learned
the skill.

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