[Homeroast] improving flavor from stove top espresso pot at sea level

Jeffrey Kelly jeffrey-kelly at att.net
Thu Sep 22 20:22:37 CDT 2011

Interesting, an elevation of 315 ft would equal a change of about 0.4 deg C for the bp of pure water.  Can the extraction really be that sensitive?  Maybe this explains why the perfect cup can be elusive.  

Have you considered differences in source water quality?  Dissolved salts and solids may be a factor to consider.  If you're using water from the tidal flow that could change the flavor.  Ha, 
I'm just envious you had a holiday at the beach!

Just for reference, it would take an elevation increase on the order of 1000 ft to lower the bp to 99 deg C.

Happy roasting.

-JD Kelly

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