[Homeroast] improving flavor from stove top espresso pot at sea level

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 13:48:58 CDT 2011

OK, I just found this thread after roasting & brewing a pretty average cup.
Not horrible, but far from the great cup I was craving while shopping a
little while ago. Don't know if being at sea level changes the brew - while
I don't actually live *at* the sea any longer, I'm still at sea level & have
lived here all during my homeroasted life (short stay in AZ was before I
started homeroasting) - so I don't have anything for comparison.

But the thought of some brandy to perk my cup... mmm.. have a great rum
stashed away for holiday cooking... nah, too early in the day.

Then with Sandy's reminder of Sambuca (my ex-boyfriend & forever friend, may
he rest in peace, used to call that the "bottom of the barrel" for
annisette, btw - his Italian taste buds were extremely fussy, lol)...

So I had a great idea. Have some dried cranberries that have been soaking in
booze (rum? brandy? I forget) since Easter, at least... poured off some of
the liquid and - yum!!

I'm not retired - but I'm retirement age, so the heck with it being early in
the day!! I raise my cup to my fellow homeroasters for improving my cup
today - and improving the day, too. ;-)


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