[Homeroast] improving flavor from stove top espresso pot at sea level

Sandy Andina sandraandina at mac.com
Wed Sep 21 13:16:52 CDT 2011

You're making stovetop "espresso," right?  Well, why not take a hint from those neighborhood red-sauce joints that serve "espresso" in flip-drip or moka pots and try sambuca or anisette instead of cognac, just like when they bring the bottle or a shot glass of the booze tableside? You'll save money, it'll taste more authentically Italian, and you'll probably placate your wife.  If you don't want the sweetness, look for a less-sweet brand or even try anise extract (which is unsweetened and alcohol-based, as much so or more than brandy).  Or if you don't want that hint of licorice, go for a domestic brandy like Christian Bros. or E&J, which is what most restaurants use for flambée duty anyway.  Half the price of even inexpensive cognac, and you're not wasting the complex flavors of a VSOP cognac.
>>> .  Anyway, yesterday I had the idea that adding a little
>> alcohol
>>> to
>>> the brew water should lower the brewing temperature.  So this morning I
>>> added
>>> about half a bottle cap of my wife's brandy, St-Remy VSOP, to the brewing
>>> water
>>> in the espresso pot and while I could taste a slight hint of the brandy
>>> flavor,
>>> the general coffee flavor was much more like I get with my Andreja
>> Espresso
>>> Machine that I have at home, elevation is about 315 feet,  and that I
>>> bought
>>> from Sweet Maria's a while back.  

Peace & song, 

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