[Homeroast] improving flavor from stove top espresso pot at sea level

pecanjim pecanjim at bellsouth.net
Wed Sep 21 06:59:12 CDT 2011

I am away from home and staying at a place on the beach, our floor is less than 
ten feet above the ocean at low tide.  When we travel I use the stove top 
espresso pot to make our coffee.  When our vacation place is about a mile above 
sea level I think it tastes quite good but at sea level I find the flavor way 
off.  My theory is that it is because the brewing water is just too hot for a 
decent brew.  Anyway, yesterday I had the idea that adding a little alcohol to 
the brew water should lower the brewing temperature.  So this morning I added 
about half a bottle cap of my wife's brandy, St-Remy VSOP, to the brewing water 
in the espresso pot and while I could taste a slight hint of the brandy flavor, 
the general coffee flavor was much more like I get with my Andreja Espresso 
Machine that I have at home, elevation is about 315 feet,  and that I bought 
from Sweet Maria's a while back.  Another indicator of a better taste is that I 
drank my morning cup more than twice as fast as I had these last few days on the 

Anyway, I will brew my wife's cup the same way in about an hour and see if she 
likes it better also.

    pecan jim 

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