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an iconoclast an.iconoclast at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:54:14 CDT 2011

Still a nurse, but working exclusively on Kaiser's electronic medical record
advocating for docs and staff, assisting in configuration and training and
helping them to use the system efficiently. The nice thing about it is I get
to work about 2-3 days a week from home...in sometimes smokey Zigzag. On my
deck now looking at Hunchback. Love the west/sw wind. Cool, mild temps.
That east wind brings us heat and a lot of ash. Luckily, the weather has
been cooperating the last few days and they are getting some control.

Barry, did you move back to the PNW from Hawaii? I remember you talking
about it. I actually visited Hawaii 2 years ago Nov. Kaiser sent me there to
assist with the Honolulu hospital go live on our EMR. Went all around the
island and my husband joined me for the last 5 days. Just beautiful!

I've been helping care for my father-in-law for the past year and he passed
away last week. We took care of our grandkids all summer and now they are
back in school, so have more free time than I've been used to in awhile.
After putting in an SM order for those awesome Costa Rica beans plus more, I
thought I'd visit the list again. Nice to be back.

Take care,

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