[Homeroast] Morning Cup

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 08:52:18 CDT 2011

Good morning, Jeffrey (or Jeff?) - and the rest of our homeroast family out

I love when the roast turns out like that - beautiful!! Lately, I'm just
happy when it turns out like - coffee, lol. Can't change much about my
sub-par stove (unless it completely dies & my landlord has to replace it...
tempting...) Anyway, my morning cup isn't as amazing as yours - I mixed all
my remaining bits into a blend of "I don't know what's in here." But it's
all from Sweet Maria's, so at least it's far better than most anything else
I could buy.

I was in Clover Food Labs in Harvard Square a few weeks ago, and actually
bought myself a cup that morning. I was tempted by the Clover worker who
extolled the roaster (from Maine, and actually sounds like a homeroaster -
she said he roasts in his attic).

The roast may have been fine, but they brewed it so weak it was awful. I do
understand that most people out there don't like brews at the strength I
make my own - one of my son's refers to my homeroast as crack, and not as a
good reference, lol).


On Sat, Sep 10, 2011 at 8:45 AM, Jeffrey Kelly <jeffrey-kelly at att.net>wrote:

> Freshly roasted stash of Ethiopia Jimma Nigusie Lemma.  The sweetness is
> amazing.  I couldn't  place the fruit taste until I looked up the archived
> reviews on Sweet Maria's...peach!
> Good day all.

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