[Homeroast] Pruning indoor coffee plants

Asa Butts asabutts at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 13:47:27 CDT 2011

Hi All!

I live in central NC and started some coffee beans in 06. They were slow to germinated but I had a forest of seedlings for a while. At this point I have two plants that I have severely pruned back twice because they would not fit in my small greenhouse. At both times they were over 6' tall and both were rather wide, if top heavy. They are outdoor trees in the warm season - which could last from April to October, but spend the winter in the greenhouse. There is filtered light and is rather crowded with plants. I try to keep it at 50 degrees, but occasionally it does get down to 40. There seem to be no particularly ill effect. The warmer months are spent in semi shade, i.e. under rather tall oaks. 

I've been thinking of pruning this year again, but found that there were many green cherries that I hadn't seen before. Oops! No matter, I'll do it some other time. 

I have two other coffees, one that is from the same seed/cherry batch as the two above, and one that I aquired a year or two ago. The former is maybe 4' and the latter I've pruned/trimmed a couple of times because I wanted it small with many branches, more like a small shrub than a tree. I'll be patient with those. 

I have tried to germinate coffee beans and was quite encouraged when I saw what looked like sprouts. I had soaked a few beans for a couple of days and yes they sprouted, but when planted they did not seem to grow. I could not keep the right ..... something. They rotted/dried/mildewed or what-have-you. I would like to try some exotic beans!

I learned about growing coffee at Sweet Maria's website, and then wanted to try roasting coffee. Most enjoyable! Thanks!

Be well,


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