[Homeroast] Pruning an indoor coffee plant

Peter Louton peter at midwestbicycleworks.com
Thu Sep 8 22:37:06 CDT 2011

Well I know that I'd like to purchase some coffee plants.  Maybe I'll have  
more luck than I had with my avocados.  15 years and 10 ft tall and 3 inch  
diameter trunk and no flowers.  It accidentally succumbed to frost a few  
years ago when I forgot to cover it.  Oh well it got quite heavy and  
unwieldy so having something of 4 or 5 feet tall would be nice.


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I will make seeds available again. Maybe after my Sumatra trip in a 
few weeks. Or maybe after my Ethiopia trip in October. Something 
really interesting, from a specific farm or a specific cultivar.

Ed - not sure which is most compact, They all tend to have dwarfism 
from being in pots. The only one this is very rangy and not compact 
at all is Typica.

>Nope, once the fruit meat is removed and the seeds cleaned up for 
>roasting they just don't germinate, you can consider them dead 
>seeds.  Tom did make some plantable seeds available a few years ago 
>and I got a few but I was just not a good enough plant caring person 
>to make the sprouts survive.
>       pecan jim
>On Sep 8, 2011, at 1:16 PM, sci wrote:
>>  Is it possible to germinate and sprout the green beans we buy from Sweet
>>  Maria's?
>>  I can try, but if it can't be done, I won't bother. I'd like to grow a  
>>  plants and don't know where I can find seedlings.
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