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Wed Sep 7 20:29:25 CDT 2011

Paul - start a Growing Coffee at Home thread with pictures - I think 
lots of people would enjoy it and we can all post pictures to it.

I have actually never seen Robusta plants at a nursery. They are 
always arabica. And they tend to be cultivated by plunking 2-3 
cherries in soil, meaning 4-6 plants in a clump. I have bought coffea 
arabica plantlets at good local nurseries, Lowes, Home Depot, even 
Ikea! sometimes mislabeled or not identified at all. Anyway, I prefer 
to grow the rare types I bring back from trips...


>At 07:00 PM 9/7/2011, you wrote:
>>Hi Paul - can you send some pictures of your plants? Or put them on 
>>the forum? Let me know...
>Sure, be happy to.  I can Email them to you as well as put them.... 
>where? on the forum.
>They have become part of the family.... I raised them from seedlings 
>bought at the local nursery in maybe 1999 or 2000.  They had rough 
>lives early on.... they were extremely susceptible to drying out in 
>their little pots and I thought I had killed them from neglect many 
>times.  But as sensitive as they were, they always came back.  Many 
>years ago, they got frostbite when I discovered that it didn't need 
>to actually "frost" to give them frostbite.  That incident nearly 
>killed one of them but once again, it came back.  It is about 25% 
>smaller than the other one to this day but still healthy.  Anything 
>lower than 45-50 degrees at night seems to be potentially dangerous, 
>especially if the skies are clear.
>Trouble is that they are like wild animals.... cute as babies but 
>big and unwieldy as adults ;)  The bigger of the two is about 50 
>pounds in its pot and difficult to move these days.
>As I think I said earlier in the thread, they both flower and make 
>cherries.  But the cherries don't ripen before the end of the season 
>so they are still pretty green when I take the plants indoors for 
>the winter.  By the next spring some seem to ripen but I have never 
>bothered to "harvest" any.  Lately they have been flowering indoors, 
>a bit before I deem it safe and take them outdoors for the summer.
>When I take them indoors for the winter, they tend to drop leaves 
>and the remaining leaves get bigger than usual (trying to catch the 
>limited indoor light?).  This (and I guess how they grow naturally) 
>tends to concentrate the new leaves towards the ends of the 
>branches, making them top heavy.  Hence my interest in pruning.
>Paul Goelz
>Rochester Hills, Michigan USA
>pgoelz at comcast.net
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