[Homeroast] Pruning an indoor coffee plant

Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee sweetmarias at sweetmarias.com
Wed Sep 7 18:04:28 CDT 2011

They can definitely handle removing half the leaves. I think that 
will be a very safe way to go. I agree, it is hard to compare them to 
trees outdoors on a farm. They are not really on the same cycle. I 
cut my back at a time during which they have ideal conditions to grow 
more and produce more leaves rapidly (or perhaps just before that 
time. Mine DO produce new nodes/leaves/branches direct from the stem 
but that will depend on the age of the plant and other factors...

By the way, coffee loves worm compost. You can also put worm castings 
by the bag if you don't have your own worm beds...
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