[Homeroast] Pruning an indoor coffee plant

Paul Goelz pgoelz at comcast.net
Wed Sep 7 17:22:18 CDT 2011

At 03:05 PM 9/7/2011, you wrote:

> >I have two 10+ year old coffee plants
>  I don't have any helpful information, but I'm curious. What elevation are
>you at. I want to grow a tree or two in west Tennessee USA, and I don't know
>if it's possible. My elevation is here is around 330 ft.

Geez, you are lower than I am!  I'm at about 900 feet ASL.  I don't 
think the altitude will prevent growing.  More the climate.


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, Michigan USA
pgoelz at comcast.net

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