[Homeroast] PINO Problem - Other Brand of Kettle

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I have a Zojirushi like that too. Vacuum insulation makes it pretty
efficient. I can load 4L of water in the morning, and have piping hot 208F,
195F, or 175F water all day long on demand.  I can vouch for it as a high
quality and performance machine. Zoji makes great products.


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Sam;I love my Zojirushi water boiler.
http://www.zojirushi.com/products/cvdsc It is vacuum insulated and uses much
less electricity in "keep hot" mode Plus, I have up to 4 liters INSTANTLY
available. (I hate to wait for water). It has four setpoints, 175, 195, 208,
& 212 degrees that it will keep the water at. It will set you back about
$160 though. GaryCincinnati, OH
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The same thing happened to me - the water level gauge kept falling out so I
just removed it.  Not a big deal, when I need to measure for the french
press I just use a measuring cup.

I just emailed PINO about the problem I'm having - maybe they can suggest a
way to fix it.  In case they can't, anybody used another brand of kettle
with a temperature sensor that they like?


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