[Homeroast] Making Cold Brew in a Parisian Cafe

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Sat Oct 22 13:06:07 CDT 2011

Interesting article and photo of the coolest apparatus I've ever seen for
making cold brew:


Going to put this cafe on my list of 'must see' places for the next time I'm
in Paris.

[stopping to laugh hysterically at that statement]

Actually, my daughter and her fiance (well, they are pushing up their
wedding date, so by that
time he might be her *husband!!* Woo-hoo!!!) plan to live in Italy for 6
months next year. I, despite
my lack of funds, intend to visit her (trying to get work right now to save
money for this). If I get
there as I plan (that alone seems like a dream come true for me!) then
there's nothing stopping
me from adding Paris for a few days to my agenda.

Wow. I can't believe I just said that...


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