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Thanks for the links. China thing has been coming a long time. Never 
cupped a Yunan that could score above 80 points. But I guess in 
theory it is possible. Starbucks and Nestle are putting big money 
there, but presumably just to supply the china market more than 
anything. As far as the other 2, I believe little they starbucks says 
- they cover their bases. Remember their return to quality? 
announcing freshness? roast dates in cafes? going back to their 
roots? Bah! The issues with coffee supply are real, but starnucks 
does nothing to help in a global way to ensure farmer livelihood by 
investing in research - if the cared they would support the GCQRI 
initiative. The idea coffee would disappear is just the usual media 
dramatization, but the effect of insect damage, fungus and weather is 
all very real. Climate change in these higher altitude tropical zones 
is really dramatic - ask any coffee farmer who has been around 15-30 
years. It's very real.


>Another story about China growing coffee too-
>And Starbucks will have a light roast-- I'm sure I'll keep on roasting but
>nice to know they are waking up --
>And could coffee (& chocolate) disappear in our lifetime? A starbucks exec
>thinks so, but I hope that's more knee jerk scare the public talk:
>/*" I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know
>what can't be done. " -- Henry Ford  */
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