[Homeroast] Monday's Cup

Terry Stockdale terry at terrystockdale.com
Mon Oct 10 20:09:22 CDT 2011

Just finished an after-dinner double espresso of FC+ Uganda Organic 
Bugisu WP Decaf.

Monday's "cup" started with a Monkey Blend latte, followed by 
drip-brewed El Salvador Molino de Santa Rita (City+), split between two 
16-oz thermos bottles and a travel mug for the car.

Terry Stockdale

On 10/10/2011 7:40 PM, BSGarley wrote:
> Mondays morning cup was a 2 day post roast Kenya Gatiuri roasted dark but
> retaining that beautiful light seam.
> Bruce Garley
> New Port Richey, FL
> Stillwater, MN
> Vivir con miedo es como vivir a medias.
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> Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I have too, been dragging on
> for a week or so now.I roasted a Guatemala darker than I normally would and
> a Sumatra lighter than I normally would. Threw them together 50/50 ratio.
> Kinda surprised me. Nice body, slight sweetness, gains sweetness as it
> cools. Not too thrilling but nice none the less. I would do it again and
> probably will.
> Michael B
> B'ham, AL
>> Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2011 17:09:03 -0700
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>> Hurray!  I love a happy ending in a long, trying coffee saga.  Congrats,
>> Lynne.
>> Glad you are feeling better, too.
>> -Bonnie
>> On Mon, Oct 10, 2011 at 9:04 AM, Lynne<lynnebiz at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> On the tail end of the worst-cold-ever... just got over a one day "can't
>>> taste anything," which I hate so much (and worked my butt off at a
> catered
>>> dinner 2 nights at my sickest, too).. so this morning I brewed up a
> mokapot
>>> of Liquid Amber Espresso. For awhile now, my stove-top roasts on this
>>> crappy
>>> stove have been so bad... finally had a lightbulb go off in my dull
> head.
>>> Took out my popcorn popper (bought at my local thrift shop) and... low&
>>> behold!! A GOOD cup. NO - a GREAT cup!!
>>> Who woulda thunk it? Machines&  I don't normally get along, so this is
>>> about
>>> as advanced as I can get. (I ruined every roast I did in my little
> roaster
>>> years back,&  finally gave up).
>>> So on to this morning's cup - what a glorious cup it was! Smooth,
> delicious
>>> - heaven in a cup. Even drank it almost black (had to revert back to
> cream
>>> to make my recent roasts palatable). Awesome reward for my past few
> days!!
>>> Lynne

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