[Homeroast] Monday's Cup

Lynne lynnebiz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 10 11:04:38 CDT 2011

On the tail end of the worst-cold-ever... just got over a one day "can't
taste anything," which I hate so much (and worked my butt off at a catered
dinner 2 nights at my sickest, too).. so this morning I brewed up a mokapot
of Liquid Amber Espresso. For awhile now, my stove-top roasts on this crappy
stove have been so bad... finally had a lightbulb go off in my dull head.
Took out my popcorn popper (bought at my local thrift shop) and... low &
behold!! A GOOD cup. NO - a GREAT cup!!

Who woulda thunk it? Machines & I don't normally get along, so this is about
as advanced as I can get. (I ruined every roast I did in my little roaster
years back, & finally gave up).

So on to this morning's cup - what a glorious cup it was! Smooth, delicious
- heaven in a cup. Even drank it almost black (had to revert back to cream
to make my recent roasts palatable). Awesome reward for my past few days!!


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