[Homeroast] Brass Zass

davidjohnrossell at gmail.com davidjohnrossell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 13:25:50 CDT 2011

I second that! I got one for travel and began keeping it at work for making  
a French press pot in the afternoons. It got old really quickly. I don't  
know which arm got more tired, the one holding the grinder or the one  
turning the crank.

32 grams of beans just barely fit in the hopper, though there's plenty of  
room for the grounds.


On , Barry Luterman <lutermanb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Great for camping and travelling. Takes very little space. Can grind very

> fine . Drawback is it takes a lot of work. Not a grinder to use every day.

> You will quickly tire of it and using it if you try using it too much.  
> Looks

> nice shinned with some Brasso on a display shelf.

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