[Homeroast] help with "fresh crop" pics

Rbt Tut rotuts at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 10:38:17 CDT 2011


I plan a different SM buying strategy this  year.   i have the Weston bag
sealing system for this and my experiments in Sous Vide cooking.

my 'personal' espresso blend fav. is:  guatemala/DP Brazil/
(sumatra/java/sulawesi)  1/3d of each  ( the s-j-s is 1/3d of one or the

ive noticed that the new arrivals have started coming in  guatemala/

granted that Tom and SM carry only what they feel is pretty good stuff and i
trust them, whats the view on the differences in quality of coffee from
sumatra vs java vs sulawiesi

should i stick with only one?  granted even if i had the 'best' from each
and tried those three espresso's  I bet there would only be a 50:50 chance I
might tell the differnce

I roast in a i-roast-2 with a long probe thermometer in the bean mass to the
\temp of 445 F.

many thanks

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