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Thanks Justin. I work hard maintaining Delirium's flavor profile, been told
it's rockin' really good and really consistent lately.

BTW just had a fun idea, I'll give the first person who can sucessfully
deconstruct my Delirium blend up to $50 rebate on online coffee purchased to
get the stuff.

Here's a hint: it's currently a seven bean seven roast five roast profile
post roast blend :)

Second hint: two or more coffees are roasted same profile or together.
(partial duh, 7 different beans but only 5 profiles)

Third hint: it is a melange roast of different beans but no bean is melange

To successfully deconstruct must at the minimun name each bean country of
origin, processing method and blend percentage within 5% and it's roast
level in relation to the other beans in the blend.

Cutting slack not requiring profile specifics like EOR bean temp +/- 5
degress, EOR time +/- 15 sec, start of 1st +/- 15 sec or time to end of
drying stage 300f +/- 15 sec.:) BUT if you do get all those correct for each
of the current five roast profiles for Delirium I'll make it a $100 rebate
and/or credit! Oh heck, I'll just mail you check and you'd have earned it!

For the record not so sure I'd be able to do it!

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found exploring the many divergent foot steps of Those who have gone before.

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If anyone hasn't had a chance to pull shots with Mike's Delerium espresso
blend, take him up on this offer. you won't be disappointed.

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