[Homeroast] fs: nuova simonelli oscar

Sheila Quinn quinngraphics at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 19:18:07 CST 2011

I'm offering for sale my lightly-used Oscar espresso machine. Why? 
Honestly, I'm too lazy to use it, so I cleaned it up and put it back in 
the box...several months ago. I thought I might try it again, but I've 
decided to sell it and get a superautomatic instead. I know the purists 
will scoff at that, but it would suit me better. I think it's best that 
the Oscar go to someone who will actually USE it and appreciate it, so 
here it is!

This is a great prosumer type machine with heat exchange so you can 
steam milk and make espresso at the same time. Professional 58mm 
portafilter, 3-way valve for cleaning, huge water tank, heavy-duty 
rotating steam wand, etc. The controls are very straightforward and easy 
to use, not difficult to figure out. The only thing to be aware of is 
that it does NOT dispense hot water for Americanos if that's what you're 
looking for.

Retail on these is over $1,000, but I got it brand new for $875...it was 
my Christmas gift to myself three years ago. I'm the only coffee drinker 
in my home, and it has not been used much at all. Comes with everything 
as if new. I cleaned it up as well as possible before packing it back in 
the box.

**I'd like a very reasonable $650, plus $40 to cover the shipping. 
(Total $690.) Shipping in the US only, sorry. Would be too heavy and 
expensive to send it elsewhere.**
Payment: PayPal much preferred! Checks possible, but you'll have to wait 
until it clears.

I don't have any pics since it's already in the box, but you can see it 
and look at more specs below.

Here is a link for specs. Mine is the black one:

I found my original email receipt, too:

Order #26741 ordered on December 4, 2008, 2:47 pm 
Item# Item Color QTY Price Total Price MOP 1400104 New Oscar by Nuova 
Simonelli Black 1 $1,050.00 $1,050.00 ------------------------- Subtotal 
$1,050.00 Discount ($175.00) UPS Ground Shipping Free 
------------------------- Total $875.00

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