[Homeroast] Someone actually listened to me

Dennis Guyer adg22 at sbcglobal.net
Mon Nov 28 13:00:54 CST 2011

After seeing info about the Coutume Café I think on this board, I told my friend about it as she was leaving for Paris.  It was only 2 blocks from where she rented her room while she was there.  It's nice when someone listens to you and then let you know how it turned out!


Dennis in LA



Hi Dennis, 


Been meaning to tell you that I went to the Coutume Cafe in Paris, the one you told me about.    It's a wonderful place for two reasons--first, it's the coffee which you know about from reading the site, and, blessedly, it is an oasis for English speakers.  The barista I spoke to and who made me a sublime cup of coffee, is Australian and all the staff speak English. And the clientele.  Seems to be the place to go for ex-pats.


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