[Homeroast] Broken Hottop KN-8828P-2

David H.G. Hipwell gisdave at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 25 13:06:30 CST 2011

Hi All,
I encountered my 1st failed roast yesterday.  Everything was going fine until the temp hit 390 - 395 F, and I think I was going into the last segment and increasing the fan speed to 4.  The roaster shut down without warning and stopped completely.  It was as if I'd plugged it out and back in.  I tried to get the roaster to cool down so I could start a new roast, but it just shut down again.  
After taking the gold knob and window components off, and giving it about 30 min to cool, I started another roast to be sure that last one wasn't a one-off experience.  It worked fine but repeated its behaviour as described above.  
Before I started the 1st roast, I had taken the back off to clean and vacuum the electronics compartment as it describes in the manual.  Could I have pulled something loose?
Any help on this would be a great help and relef.  

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