[Homeroast] What did you roast for Thanksgiving?

sci scizen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 21:09:18 CST 2011

For Thanksgiving, I did a marathon roasting session today with my QM3,
which I absolutely love. It is so easy to extend the roasts from 1C into
2C, typically 3-4 min. I don't get runaway roasts or stalls. Slow, med, and
fast ramps are a snap too.

I roasted 4 batches of 1/2lb each:

1. Honduras COE Finca Ovidio--C+ (just after the end of 1C)
2. Brazil Cerrado DP Faz. Aurea--FC
3. Sumatra Onan Ganjang Cultivar--FC
4. Eth. Illubrador Camp Coop.--FC+

I'm going to making Hario siphons of the Ovidio, Ganjang, and Illubrador.
There will be a *$ barista at our gathering, so I'm hoping she will like my
"3rd wave" coffee.

Thanks SM!


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